Bonding Time with My Best Buddy

You know that feeling of wanting to go out but don't know where especially you don't want to spend any money? Well, that's how I felt and missing my bonding time with Fizah. We could've met during my outing during the Pre-NDP fireworks but Matin has a curfew.

Anyways, I asked her out for an outing that we had not been doing for many years ever since she got married which was trekking or walking at the park! We usually do this once a year mostly at MacRitchie Reservoir and when Jhon came into the picture, he joined too. This year, another person joined us, MATIN! (Disclaimer: Min didn't follow because he had to work)

Since a toddler was in the picture, we definitely can't go crazy with our route so I suggested Yishun Park which is a walking distance from Fizah's home.

Clearly, this walk is mostly to 'release' stress just like the good all times, especially with gossips and secrets. We didn't mind Jhon within a ear shot because we both know that I am almost disgustingly very open with him.

I swear the blue attire was not intentional.

Eventually, Jhon took over with the stroller pushing while we chit-chat. He took it willingly and we joked that he should take it as 'practice'.

We took a quick break under the block for Matin's milk time. It took him a while to warm up to us because it's been a while since we spent time together. By the end of the day, he was squealing, shaking his legs, raspberry, did his eyebrows thing among other things.

Snack break.

This boy is too cute!

Yishun park was way too small especially with the parks we were used to so we kept on walking until  Lower Seletar Reservoir.

Which prompted us with an impromptu photoshoot.

The faces you make to make a kid laugh. But as usual, it's the mommy who laughed more. lol
I remember those days when in school, everyone would question Fizah why does she ALWAYS laugh. She would always answered it's because of me. But you see, people would NEVER believe but it's impossible for a stuck-up faced me to be so hilarious. haha Plus, my jokes has an acquired taste. lol like real.

Fake phone call.

He loved my 100 plus bottle. Almost difficult to take it back for a drink.

Fizah, we are ooollldd... [and I got cubbier]
But it's okay! As long as we are forever best buddies until berkerut okay?
I hope we can keep taking photos of us doing walkies/trekking until we are really old. 

We had dinner and headed home. Everyone had a wonderful time and it was the kind of day we need.
Fizah and I get to chat,
Matin had a day out and
Jhon get to satisfy his fatherly instincts. haha


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