I thought I would make a quick hi-hello since I had not posted anything for April. Don't worry, I still have plenty to share, it's just that there are many things going on in a short span of time and just don't have the time to sit down and edit the photos.

The delay usually comes from Jhon because of the photos but now, I am the busy one too. hehehe You see, Fizah, my closest friend in the world has recently got married and we were asked to do videography for her wedding.

Jhon is obsessed passionate with photography but not so much with videography but I really like editing videos for fun. It all started with her sis's wedding which was probably 2 years ago? They just want a record of the solemnisation so okay lah.. Just do for fun but at the same time, we wanted to produce good quality so the craziness started to bubble.

Our second time was her nephew's cukur rambut [video here] and I was getting really passionate because I was angry at my laptop when it lags on me and won't allow me to upload in HD. lol

So now, for the 3rd time, with my only 'client' lol Fizah's wedding day!

I just started with the editing and it will take time. It helps that I am not working but I also have to take care of the kids. Oh, and the fact that I have sponsored posts to do, but my weekends are booked with other things. Suddenly like so busy but I like it.

Here's a preview. This is 98% done. I have sync all videos and audio etc but still need to do in-video edit for the lighting in Fizah's room and touch ups.

[Video is in HD but I posted video using Blogger and not via YouTube so quality sucks BLUEK]

So far I am proud of it. Only people who edit videos will understand that feeling of euphoria when video and music naturally syncs at the right moment! Bonus points when everything is self-taught.

So...... need any photography and videography for any events? Contact us! lol


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