As of today, I am 30 years old.

All I can say is it's weird. I knew I am turning 30 since it comes after the number 29 but I felt somewhat indifferent. I didn't feel upset for turning old, didn't have regrets on past decisions but not exactly ecstatic knowing I am climbing up another age notch higher.

Physically and mentally, I do not feel 30.
I am healthy and trying to keep fit and just generally like to be playful. What I can say is that I am rather satisfied with myself physically. I am still active, no wrinkles yet, no white hair, no serious health problems and I hope it maintains as long as possible. Aiyah, what if I am jinxing it and getting all those by next month? lol

I just feel like I do not fit in the stereotype of being 30. I won't list it down because we all know what it is. The thought of it does not bother me though; I simply don't know how should I feel about it.

In other departments other than love, it's the standard ups and downs but I will take what is given to me and handle it as maturely as possible. It has always been one of my life motto and it has never failed me. I hope being 30 will maintain if not bring more excitement and adventure.

Happy birthday to me.

P/S: Watch out for birthday outing post. =)

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