Fancy a Glacier Face Mask?

We always subject our face with all kinds of pollutants and clog our pores, directly or indirectly. Especially for us girls, for the sake of beauty, we put layers of make up just to look good. As soon as we exit our homes, wham! humidity from the sun which starts to make us sweat and oily. Even when we yet to cross the road, the carbon dioxide floats towards us and that is just the jist of it! Just thinking about it makes my face dirty and I am at home.

Anyways, don't we wish, after a long day out, we can clean and pamper our face with confidence that every essence is penetrated thoroughly?

Well guess what?
Lovemore has released new sets of masks named Water Beauty Series
Water Beauty Series is specially formulated with the second generation of pure silk mask that will sure increase the penetration of essence and leave your skin smoother, brighter and softer after each application!

I received Lovemore Glacier Water Soothing Mask which comes in a box with 5 pieces of mask. Just thinking of glacier, makes me feel calm, cool and clean! Glacier water is one of the purest water, hello?

Anyways, this mask aims to Revitalize and Clarify for Crystal Clear Complexion. It comes with 6 different types of ingredients that will help revive your skin after a day out.

Features and effects:
With unique combination of minerals & trace elements, pure Swiss Alps glacier water enhances essence penetration, resulting in long-lasting hydration. Combined with AC.NET (sebum-controlling agent) and botanical extract, it helps condition skin for less visible pores and a clearer complexion.

Application is easier since there 2 sheets on the mask. Following the instructions, remove the white plastic sheet first, fit mask over face and then remove the second sheet. Easy peasy! No more fuss. For added glacier cooling effect, I placed the mask in the refrigerator for a minute. The mask felt good on my skin and it's somewhat odorless. 

After 15 minutes, I removed the mask and wiped my face with it. My face does feel cleaner and refreshed. This is a daily mask so it does takes time for it to take full effect but just ending the day with the mask does makes me feel I am at the alps. lol 

For SGD13.90 per box, you can revitalize and clarify your face too! Head down to and buy now! If you prefer a different type of mask, there are 2 others to choose from.


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