How to Feel Like You Own a New Handphone

It's almost 2 years I have own my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. [click here for post]
It has been good to me and still working perfectly. Since then, I've changed a least a cover replacing the original cover because I didn't like the card slots somewhat scratching my screen protector overtime.

I later then changed to a similar version but without a protruding card slots and secure button. After a while, the inside got dirty from wear and tear.

Eventually, I changed to a simpler plastic cover with brand new screen protector and skin. Immediately, it felt like I had a brand new handphone. Syiok! If you are like me, who only buys a new handphone when it spoils, these are one of the little pleasures I enjoy. lol

The biggest difference would be obviously changing from a bulky cover to a simple one and a clean new screen protector that brings out the vibrancy of the screen.

Also a tribal kitty cat peeking at me. When Shibly saw it, after acknowledging it was a cat, he also pointed out there is an owl on the cat's forehead. O_O Good eye because I didn't noticed it. hehe

Anyways, that's how to make yourself feel that you own a new handphone. 
Handphone makeover!


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