Filipino Wedding Traditions

When I think of my wedding, it is obviously always Malay tradition heavy; from the wedding decorations to bunga rampai. Sometimes I get overboard and forget I am marrying a Filipino. =P Pinoys also has their own traditions and culture to follow too. I wish to respect and follow whenever I can.

Unfortunately, Pinoy's customs in weddings are mostly Catholic based. Since we will be wedded as Muslims, it wouldn't make sense if we practice those customs right?

For example, Pinoys usually marry in the church and they would need a wedding cord, wedding coins, wedding candles and require plenty of ceremonial sponsors, witnesses, and participants. All these are of Catholic origin. [info here]

They also have Muslim Pinoys traditions but they seem questionable because one of the practice is  "placement of the groom's fingerprint on the forehead of the bride" hmmm?
But they have musical instruments similarly like Malays played in the wedding such as the kulintang.

The only Filipino traditions that is non-Catholic are the money dance and groom wearing the Barong Tagalog.

Personally, I don't think we will be doing the money dance which is a Spanish culture because its where money is pinned or taped onto the newly married couple's garments, representing the wish that good fortune is "rained" upon them, while also helping the couple financially as they begin their life together as the dance. Err...  Jhon and I are not keen and comfortable in slow dancing in front of everybody. You can just give the money to us (duit salam), no need to dance. lol


So basically, we are left with the Barong Tagalog which I ADORE! Barong Tagalog is an embroided traditional Filipino groom outfit originally made from pineapple's leaf fibers but now is made of different types of cloths.  It's usually soft, airy and looks goooodddd...

And I have seen Jhon wearing first hand when we were invited to his cousin's wedding where he had to be the best man.

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Hensem lah although the barong tagalog does not really fit him well because it was bought readily made. Tall and slim people's problems; it's either sleeves too short or fitting is loose. Anyways, I had insisted that he wears long sleeved white shirt underneath compared to short sleeves because it would look funny if he didn't.

I am sure there are local bridal vendors provide barong tagalog suits. If i am not mistaken, Versari Ade but I don't think our budget fits them so we are considering tailoring/ buying from Philippines itself. They do come in pretty cheap if you know where to find them.

Here are my favorite designs.

[searched photos from pinterest]

Notice the preference of collars, macam 'cekak musang' hehe.
We plan to have him wear it together with me wearing a modern gown on our second outfit of the wedding ceremony. It's one of the moments I cannot wait! Okay, actually ah... there is a female barong but..... you see for yourself.

Very the tai-tai, political Pinoy novela, right? =X

I am just glad modern Pinoys don't wear that for their weddings anymore. =P


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