Water on Concrete

I was thinking of letting this blog take a breather from wedding stuff and syiok sendiri photos. It's the March holidays for the kids and had Syihab all for ourselves while his brother is at his other grandma's house.

Syihab requested plenty of games and fun from him. I really don't mind because I am a kid at heart. One point of the day, we watered the plants and I decided to draw along the corridor. I just thought of sharing the pictures.

Syihab knows how to doodle people but he had difficulty drawing while spraying. That didn't frustrate him but he was bossy, telling me what to draw. Circle, eyes, nose, "boody" etc. =P Budak muka bacin nie.

I eventually drew a giant one and he helped me with the hair. hehe

I find water painting on concrete fun because unlike chalk, there is no need for clean up. Just let it evaporate. hehe


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