Newborn Baby

Jhon and I visited Fizah's house for Hari Raya and at the same time, to check out their new addition to the family, Zafrul Affan. He is Fizah's nephew, born on the first of hari raya.

Zafrul was exactly 2 weeks old when we took his picture. It was 'scary' for us because he is so so fragile and we can't move him as much as we want to because we don't want to make him feel uncomfortable. We just want to attempt taking less cliche baby photos.

Another challenge was no flash was allow because he is still a baby and it would be too harsh for his eyes. We ended up taking photos in Fizah's room for ample amount of natural light.

Congratulations to Fizah's sis, Fazilah to the new addition to the family!


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