The Wedding at Lagun Sari

It is my first wedding visit held in Lagun Sari. It was Wati's sister's wedding.

Jhon and I supposed to meet with Fizah at 1:30pm but she was late so we headed in first.

When we arrived, the bride and groom was already up in their seats and they looked wonderful in their red outfits. Look at the ceiling! Chandeliers! I am a sucker for them and it's all over the ceiling.

The wedding deco was lovely although I thought the place was a little cramped. Just a little, it's not THAT troublesome to maneuver. Food was delicious with a wide variety of dishes. We were spoilt for choice.

As soon as we finished with our lunch, Fizah arrived. Wati and husband even joined us to chit-chat.

We stayed a while longer, until the bride and groom had an outfit change and for cake cutting.
Look at Wati's cute baby girl, all grown up.


Congrats to Kak Wahimahwati and husband!


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