Create Your Own Creative Facebook Cover

As much as most love to hate the Facebook timeline, it is here to stay so we might as well get use to it and have fun with it.

We have seen it all, all the creative covers which made the timeline tolerable.

Recently, I had a mini photo shoot in my traditional outfit for fun, found a favorite and wanted to put it up as my Facebook profile.

Unfortunately, background was quite a spoiler because the picture was a candid and random shot. 

I decided to photoshop myself onto a black and white background.

Edit, edit, edit...

And used so make the necessary adjustments to make it fit perfectly.

It took me a while but nothing an amateur can't do.

After a while, TA DA!

Perhaps not superbly creative but for a first timer, I think it's great =P

Some of my friends liked it too because I managed to garner quite a number of likes. 

Give it a try! really helped with the finishing touches.

p/s: not an ad!


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