Birthday Trip to USS

For Fizah's 28th birthday, Jhon and I decided to celebrate it by taking her to Universal Studios Singapore.

We went 1 week before her birthday (her birthday is on the 30th March) and told her the surprise over breakfast that it was an all expense paid for her birthday.

The place was just like how Jhon and I last visited last May 2011 expect there is a new ride. Transformers 4D!! More on that later.

We went to the tame route first, which means, the Madagascar ride. It was also our encounter with an irritating visitor but we refused to let someone ruin our outing. =) It was the first time we took this ride because that last time we went to USS, it was a little late with all the little ones. It was quite fun. I was amazed with the mechanical props.

Next, it was Far Far Away and we saw Shrek with Fiona while Fizah was in the toilet.

We took the rides at Jurassic Park too. In the pictures, it looks like the ride was crazy and fast but it was rather tame. hahaha I  believe if you shriek and bring out the child in you, everything is fun and exciting.

Of course, Fizah and I took the Mummy ride while Jhon ate his lunch in the shade. Jhon is not a fan of thrill rides and he only took the tame rides with us. As long as I made sure he is well dehydrated, not hungry and well shaded, he is happy snapping away photos while Fizah and I crazy.

Next ride, Battlestar Galactica. We took Cyclon first and I was surprised with Fizah's tolerance. We had to take a break first after that ride. And guess what? while waiting underneath the rollercoaster, Jhon saw a handphone drop onto a net! See ah! Don't want to listen right? They say don't bring any loose items and now someone lost a handphone.

While Fizah tried to regain composure, we took the Transformers 4D ride. It was super freaking AWESOME!! Best 4D ride ever!! The icing of the cake was we got front row seats so we were totally lost in our own world. Fizah and I had our arms out, help punching and shooting the Decepticons while waving hello to BumbleBee. hehe

The last ride of the day was the Battlestar Galactica, Human ride before we headed for our early dinner at Mel's dine-in. I didn't know it was Halal! Syiok!

Jhon and I ordered for Fizah and I secretly ordered brownie for Fizah (She loooves brownies) and as soon as I sat down at the table, she told me she actually wanted a brownie but hesitated and TA DA! Brownie with ice-cream on top and we sang Happy Birthday to her.

We hung around the place, took some photos and waited for nightfall for the fireworks.

Universal Studios Singapore at night in the next blog post!

Happy Birthday Fizah! Glad you enjoyed the day as much as we did!



  1. Everything look so fun, exiting and superb.. can't wait to be there

  2. I went twice and never get sick of this place =)

  3. pernah pergi uss ...mmg terbaik.. tetapi naper la genting highland taknak upgrade buat mcm uss

    1. hehe pergi hantar surat suggestion.. =P