How Much Do You Love Your Pet? (Frankenweenie)

What lengths will I go to keep your favourite pet by my side forever?

I have a long history of owning cats. I think the most number of cats I ever owned was 12 at a time. I had seen births and deaths. I had cried and sometimes more emotionally with several cats. It is hard to let them go when a human and a pet has bond beyond comprehension.

Sometimes, I wish I could keep them close forever...

I suppose there is always taxidermy where the pet is stuffed and turn into a doll. I would like to go for something less creepier.


Oh, have you heard about 2 guys who not only taxidermy their cat but also turn it into a helicopter or flying cat? Creepy but FUN!


If I could, I would probably taxidermy just my cat's tail and turn it into a key ring. This way, it is less creepy and I can take a piece of my cat EVERYWHERE I GO!

This is one of my pet cats, Kitty. Kitty has a bent tail which would make an interesting key chain. Gosh, this is so morbid, even for me. =P

Then I thought, how about other pets?

You can do the same with dogs (tail) but what of you own a pet rabbit? How about the foot? Hahaha geddit? Because rabbit's foot is lucky and it is not just any foot. It's your beloved pet rabbit's foot! Extra special and probably extra lucky!


Oh! How about a scarf made of my pet's fur? At least there is no mutilation involved if I have no heart to cut a piece of them. Whenever I miss them, I can wrap myself with the scarf, pretend they are still alive and we are cuddling.


Why am I thinking of such creepy ways to keep my pet close until eternity? It is because of Frankenweenie! It is a boy (Victor) who brought his pet dog into life from an unexpected death ala Frankenstein's monster. He tried to keep it a secret from his small town but hell breaks loose when some unintended consequences emerged.

Besides the compelling story line, Frakenweenie is not a normal animation movie because is mostly a stop-motion movie. Stop-motion is a frame by frame type of film making where they have to move the puppets bit by bit.

Here is a creepy trivia, the puppets have real human hair! But apparently to Jhon, this is no big deal. He said it's just a wig. =/

Catch Disney’s FRANKENWEENIE in cinemas this 15 November 2012 and like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow the @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!


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