Maher Zain Concert in Singapore

Remember when I would go to so many concerts? Yeah, I miss that lifestyle. The last time I went to a concert was actually in 2012 performed by Garbage. Every since then, financial things and wedding planning happened and that was it. We did go to several shows in between but never a concert.

I digress.

Maher Zain's concert was one of Jhon's birthday presents. He is quite a fan and he had mentioned a few times that Maher Zain's songs touched his heart strings.

Naturally, we headed to Kallang early to jalan-jalan and had an early dinner. We found ourselves at Ayam Penyet President, a first time besides the 'normal' Ayam Penyet restaurant. It was the best decision we ever made because we realized that they served grilled milk fish!!

I only discovered milk fish when I visited Philippines and had Relyenong Bangus which was basically stuffed milk fish. I love the meat but this fish has ridiculously amount of tiny bones! So when I saw they had de-boned grilled milk fish, I knew I got to have it.

We had some spare time after a while so we sat around enjoying the beautiful sunset.

You know what? It's been a while since we dated like this. Don't get me wrong, we do go out, watch movies and such but what I meant was sitting around and watching the sunsets. The only difference was me playing Pokemon hahaha but don't worry, I was never the one plastered on the handphone 24/7. (unless we are in the bus because gotta get all those pokestops)

If you had followed me on Instagram Stories, you would also know that we wore matchy-match outfits and I was feeling DREADFUL! I truly despise wearing matchy-match outfits (no offence to those who loves it, whatever makes you happy). I am okay with somewhat similar such as similar color groups but never matchy-match. In the past, we would always accidentally match in terms of color and Jhon would enjoy it or maybe enjoys watching me freak out.

Obviously, now that we are living together, you would think I can control and avoid that but Jhon insisted! I thought I could deal with it but as soon as we were down stairs, I felt so crappy and lame! sighs! NEVER AGAIN!

But the golden hour light was really good and cannot resist some photo taking.

ANYWAYS! I do digress a lot today huh?
Back to the concert story.

So being the cheapskate thrifty person I am, I did bought the cheapest seats since we just wanted to hear Maher Zain live and that fact that I've spent money on other presents and outings. To our happy surprise, our seats got upgraded. It's probably because the concert was not sold out and they wanted to fill in the seats below but WHO CARES? I saved $100 for each ticket! I saved $200 baby! haha

The opening act was Harris J which honestly, I have no idea who he was. He is like the Muslim Justin Beiber and his song 'Salam Alaikum' was really nice and catchy!

Again, if you follow my or Jhon's IG Stories, you would get to watch snippets of the concert.
Maher Zain's voice was perfection and that includes the band. He sang plenty songs from his latest album 'One' and many mashups from his previous ones, you know like InsyaAllah, Number One for Me, Ya Nabi Salam Alaika and more.

We thoroughly enjoyed the concert and the upgrade was just the cherry on top. Not only that, the date in general was wonderful. Perhaps minus the matching outfits....


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