What's Your Talent?

Not everyone knows their true talent. Some may discover their talent at a young age or older or some don't even get to know their true talent; perhaps even if they do, they found out that the talent is not worth anything, like "long distance spitting".

Now how does that benefit your future? =/

Everyone always wished that their future was already set since young. No worries on which skill to harnest and what type of classes to take.

No hint needed to figure out what this kid is going to do in his near future.

Now, if you are like me, unsure about what is my true talent, perhaps you can try taking this fun quiz.

You can even win a Xbox360 and Microsoft Kinect!!
Even if you don't win, you may win $20 worth of vouchers just by sharing the contest!

Click "like" for Infocomm Talent SG, click on the Contest Page & Play!

It's that easy.

As for me, my results was "Database Architect"

It is in a building/construction industry which I am in now but in a different scope. It's somewhat comforting that I am near it but sad because I wish my true talent could be cooler. =P

Click here now!!


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