1 Week Old Irfan Anaqi Gets A Bling-Bling

For those who had missed out, click here for the update. :)

As of 25th January 2011, Irfan is 1 week old. He has what I like to call, aired out thus less wrinkly.
Look at those eyes.. Big and elongated eyes with parallel eyelids.. *jealous*

It also meant that it has been 5 days he rested on 5 different types of Batik cloth which was placed upon a tray filled with rice & money.

Technically, it was suppose to be 7 layers but since he only came back home 2 days after he was born, he used only 5 where every day, every layer was removed.

My mom told me that every layer represented every day and it was sort of slowing welcoming him into the new home. As for the money and rice, it represented abundance of sustenance or livelihood.

Lo and behold, guess what did little Irfan got even before turning 1 week old?

 His daddy's brother gave him not one, but TWO gold rings.

It is so puny and cute that I can turn it into earings!! Of course Irfan is not wearing them because he might scratch himself with them. So the earrings rings are safely kept by his mommy.

I place the rings next to 5 cent coin just to show you how small it is.

The coin is still smaller!


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