Review: Love More Facial Masks

Do you know any of these ladies?

Well, I don’t. hahaha

Mainly because I don’t follow Taiwan or Hong Kong pop culture but one thing I know is that celebrities there usually have beautiful, soft and smooth skin (stares at the pictures again and feel depressed) and I only happen to know of them because they are endorsers for

Love More Facial Masks!

You would think, “Sighs, it is just another mask with pretty endorsers to promote them”
I got to admit, I thought so too until I received the masks.

Just standard cute boxes?

Look closer…They have 3D masks!

More on that later.

If you think the boxes are cute, wait until you see the mask packs. It looks like an envelope! Each box contains 5 packs and I am so lucky to receive 3 types of masks each.

Naturally, being overly excited me; the first mask I tried was Electric One Peptic Firming Duo Lifting Mask. Not only because it’s unique feature but I really need to start maintain the tightness of my skin before it starts to sag. I have officially begun my quest for the fountain of youth since I am turning 27 this year. =/

Let me introduce you, the special 3D mask.

They not only focus on our faces but also the neck area with ear hooks to gently lift and tighten our faces as its wonderful nutrients seeps into our skin.

I got to admit, I was a little cautious in pulling the mask to my ears because I was afraid I might tear them but because of the material the mask was made of, you don’t have to be so delicate with it so just gently pull the hooks to your ears.

I really love the tight feeling of my skin as the mask pulls it, that the neck area is fully covered and reaches even to the back of my ear. Syiok ah!

Left it on for 20 minutes and ta da!

This is me without make up.

Skin is just a little smoother but it feels tighter and I noticed that I look fairer and fresher. Do I still look like I am turning 27? [Hint Answer: No] =p

I have tried the other masks too. I love that the effects can be seen immediately right after I wash my face. My face looks fresher, clean and radiant. The effects for me is especially noticeable when I put on my make up the next day. Even my boyfriend noticed the difference because of my better looking skin, my make up seems more even and smoother.

Still unconvinced? Try it yourself!

Go to or directly click here get a sample redemption of Love More masks!

By the way, I will be joining their "Take a picture with Love More Facial Mask" contest and I need your votes so watch this space ya?


  1. You look so much younger for yr age, this is the truths, I do try plenty of masks, buying from here and there and give myself a good home facial using all these masks I buy.

  2. Aww...thanks Nava.K :)
    I have my share of testing and trying out masks too and personally, I think this one is the best so far. :)