The Not-So Pretty Side of Manicures

Many girls love going for a manicures and that is why there are so many nail salons.
Confirm make profit one! =P

Even though I belong to those small group of people who don't do mancures or pedicures (feels weird for me, feels like there's "something" on my nails and it can't breathe), I won't deny I love to see the beautiful nail art.

I love to take a peek on other girl's nails and admire (or not) their 10 mini canvases on their fingers.

Until I feel it gets too far....

..when 3D nail art gets into the picture.

It was cute at first, taking nail art to another level and dimension.

Until I saw a lady in a bus who is an office worker from another building had nails like these.

Perhaps the concept is nice to some but the first thing that comes to my head is the germs that are infesting in the nooks and cranies of the flowers!

And how does she clean her own "flower"? What if somehow a droplet of pee is on her nails? How does she clean it off? Does water and soap can throughly clean in every corner?

Although girls tend to potray themsleves as clean and proper, you will be suprised how many do not wash their hands after they are done in the toilet! What if the girls who do 3D nail art are the ones who don't? Wouldn't it mean everything they touch is extra dirty?

I may sound like a germaphobe but I am really not and those thoughts really came to my head.

Well, I am glad that the lady ended her phase for a few weeks and went to "normal" manicure.

But then again, there are always worst...


Now how does SHE wash her "flower"?



  1. Urine is sterile.

  2. True, it's sterile but it's still a waste product :)