Azrina's Engagement

My-oh-my, another cousin of mine got engaged and she is the elder sister of the previous engagement that I had attended.

It was held on 16th January and the whole family went, including my sis who was already 9 months pregnant and we went in my bro's new car.

As per normal, we were constantly forced to eat even though we had just arrived. We came a little early so there was plenty of time to mingle, sat around and watch the boys play.

When my cousin was finally really, we quickly took the obligatory family picture.

Her gifts to him

Almost 3pm, relatives of the guy's side arrived and do the standard chatter and exchange of gifts.
I love this picture of my bro, he is so happy for don't know what reason =P

Pictures, pictures!
I look like my make up is totally gone =/

Congratulations, Azrina & Andi!


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