Wati & Adi's Solemnisation

Wati and Adi's wedding arrangement was a little different to the standard malay wedding, although many weddings nowadays has changed throughout the years. Usually a malay wedding has both bride and groom sides with their own location and solemnisation was held the day before the wedding event.

As for them, it was a combined wedding where both solemnisation and wedding event taken on the same day.

Since Jhon has taken a lot of photos for me and I have little time to sit down and go through each and every one, I decided to post the entire day by parts.

First, the solemnisation which started about 10am on 23rd January 2011.
Jhon had a head start and arrived at the location while I was at Wati's home waiting for her to get ready.

I absolutely love her "stage"

(note to self, get an oval shaped stage)

Her gifts to him is in black & silver, the best gift would be the Armani watch & PS3 Quran.
Wati's best gift would be the blackberry prayer head scarf which she can't wait to use.

They have 2 types of event cakes and this is the first one, the solemnisaton cake which is make of glutinous rice, tumeric, coconut etc. It was a traditional cake and I love it whenever it is part of a wedding.

Well, the "tok kadi" eventually arrived and the ceremony began.

Officially husband & wife. I really like their Javanese outfit.

What is a Javanese theme without Javanese dancing?

Cake cutting and the standard feeding of the cake. hehe

Quick shots of our ex-secondary school mates. The lady in the bottom right is Wati's elder sis and yes, my fringe was curled in because it was hot and I was sweaty. =(

And off we go, back to Wati's house for an outfit change for the official start of the wedding event.
Silly of Wati's sis, she forgot to give me a spare key and just had left the house when we came over so we were locked out from the house for 3 minutes. haha

Indian guy is Adi's bestman with his wife and me, the Maid of honor. *shy shy*

I really don't expect to be one, in fact, I scoffed at the idea but I can't deny her for wanting someone to help and be there for her throughout the wedding. Wati is one of those super nice people so why not?

Well, end of the solemnisaton event.
Stay tuned for the next part.

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  1. The glutinous rice cake looks soooo delicious ^_^

  2. @Kel yeah It does but too bad I didn't get to taste it =(