5 Hair Problems & I Got Them All

Hair problems, almost everyone has at least one and those you do not. F**k You!! *jealous* Hmph!

My hair is one perfect example of countless hair problems and one culprit is due to constant rebonding of my hair as for the rest, it is probably my diet or genetic. I think the only thing that I am proud of about my hair that it’s thick and shiny.

Split Ends

I am not exaggerating when I say I have horrific split ends. They run really deep into every hair strand and yes, I am one of those irritating girls who sometimes cut/bite off their split ends when no one is looking, even my split ends has split ends! I wish to have really long hair but how to when my split ends are severe and I have to cut 1 or 2 inches off every time!?
Frizzy Hair

Besides my *ahem* overbite, I am also well known as the girl with thick locks of hair. I hate going to hair salons because the hair stylist will complain on how much my hair is. They would actually go “TSK!” and keep telling me that I have a lot of hair… (Perhaps just in case I didn’t realise it) Truth to be told, I love that I have thick hair because it creates volumes and I rather have it that way than very little hair that always looks limp.

What makes it unbearable is that my hair is frizzy. I like to describe my hair as a mountain because it does look like one! It does not really show in this picture because my hair has been rebonded which was the main idea, to not make my hair look frizzy.

Hair Loss

Age is slowly creeping up on me. Since I turned 23, I noticed more strands of hair drops than usual. Did not freak much as I have a lot to spare but it hurt to see that the ones that fell are the “good” strands and not the ones with split ends.

Damaged Hair

I can also describe my hair strands are like a life line that went flat especially when my natural hair starts to grow. My hair is neither wavy nor curly like Maggie Mee but looks like pubic hair!! Seriously! Those hair strands are taken from the top of my head and not from below!! (I try to make the picture artsy because it really does look disgustingly like pubic hair but I don't it worked)

I have pubic head hair *sobs in one corner*

Oily Scalp

Though not that serious, my scalp becomes slightly oily and itchy whenever I sweat even just a little bit and when I scratched, there are whitish dead skin cells in between my nails which is really disgusting. Picking your nails after scratching your head is not glamorous at all. Though sometimes it helps when my hair is extra frizzy; I would say, natural hair serum.

Even though I managed to get a few of my hair problems under control by using Hair Fall Shampoo/Conditioner, wash my hair regularly and regular trimming, I still can’t find the perfect concoction of hair treatments that treat every problem.

If I managed to make my hair silky smooth, my hair fall problem gets worst.

If I managed to lessen my split ends, my hair gets frizzy or poofy. 

It will never end! Hair product companies should realise that most people have more than 1 hair problems to deal with and they can’t expect us to interchange every type of hair regime every day.

Look at me, I have 5 types of problems! So means 5 types of shampoos? *faint*



  1. Have you tried Svenson yet? I would be happy to know the result as I think I have the same prob as you..


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