New Baby In The Family

My sis was already at her last trimester and the baby's expected date was 26th January 2011.

We sort of expected the baby early but we didn't expect it this early.

On 18th January 2011 at 7.15am as I was just about to leave to go to work, my sis told me that she had a blood discharge. One of the early signs of labor. So we woke everyone up and I decided to take an urgent leave.

My mom told sis to keep calm and there was no need to rush. In fact, we even had McDonald's breakfast before my bro and I sent my sis and BIL to KK Hospital.

My bro and I waited in the waiting area for a few hours, went out to pick my SIL and I hung out at his place. My sis at that time was 5-6cm dilated and there was no progress, infact, we heard that the baby's heartbeat was slowing down. We really don't want to loose this baby like how we lost Nadia Natasha.

Day turned to night and it was only at 12+am when my BIL called saying that my sis had underwent a C-section and all is well.


We visited them the next day and both mommy and baby is healthy.

Irfan = Kebaikan (Goodness)
Anaqi = Keindahanmu, Menawan Ha'tiku (Your beauty captures my heart)

Very meaningful name, right?

Yes, looks like Irfan Anaqi looks more like daddy. hehehe

And look who visited too. Auntie Fizah!
(salah baby lah, Fizah!)


Congratulations to my lovely sister & abg Awil!!!!
I am so happy for you guys!


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