Sireh Dara Booked!

I took my time ordering Sireh Dara because entah eh.. I don't feel like it. lol perangai. Plus, Jhon and I was contemplating if we should DIY our trays or just buy them. Let's say if we decided to scrap the DIY idea, we could just order with the Sireh Dara vendor so it's important we like their wedding trays too.

In the end, we engaged...


I really like their sireh dara & sireh junjung, especially the traditional ones. Price ranges are from $140 to $180 depending on design and excluding delivery.

But if you like modern versions, they have it too.

They also have a simple but lovely collection of wedding trays which are more to our taste. So let's say if we decided to just have our wedding trays ready-made, we can just request. hehe

There are also bunga rampai but I won't be getting them because I intend to DIY but I just put pictures here for 'you all punya' reference.

Gubahan Cinta also do other miscellaneous works too such as flower bouquets, corsages, guestbooks and money box upon request.

Contacting Kak Wannie was easy and quite fast. I deposited that night we liaised with each other. For some of the prices, you can check out her Facebook.

Four more vendors to book you all!


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