Wedding Hurdle 3: Caterer Woes Overcame

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Wedding Hurdle 3: Caterer Woes

Please read the Caterer Woes story first before proceeding to know the entire story.

Basically,  Jhon and I have aiming this specific caterer for it's delicious food but most importantly for prices that are amazing. The problem is, it took very long to secure them for whatever circumstances.

Long story short and continuing from the Caterer Woes post, it turned out that our patience was superbly optimistic with strong endurance because we finally OFFICIALLY (with invoice) booked them!!! 6 months before our wedding!

Actually, it was not booked on the appointment mentioned in the old post. That time, she wanted us to have a formal taste testing with her. But after meeting her and her team, we felt rest assured that we were dealing with good people. No 'bedek-bedek' so we knew we were on a good path. It was only after 1 month when Jhon called again for a meet up for actual business talk.

I am sorry for being mysterious but I promise I will share who is my caterer within a week. Not purposely to drag the info but I actually have a schedule for my blog posts.
Also, this is not mean to taint this caterer as in saying 'susah nak book' or 'susah to book appointment'. I swear I am just sharing our experiences when it comes to booking a caterer.

I am also pretty sure what we experiencing were just pure bad timing (we inquired when 2016 quotes were not available, Ramadhan, Hari Raya, she went Haj) but perseverance worked for us.

Whatever it is, so far, it was worth the wait.
I, therefore declared, hurdle crossed

I don't want any more hurdles please. hurhur


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