Wedding Hurdle 2: Future Home - Overcame

Wedding Hurdle 2 we had was regarding our future home which was a real big doozy because that's the one that make or break our wedding journey. It's because, we would not have a place to stay after getting married. There is no room in my house neither at Jhon's room as mentioned in the post.

Although my brother did offer his house for a temporary stay, it's at Punggol and it would be an inconvenience for Jhon to go to work. And believe it or not, Jhon was worried and sad that we would not able to feed the stray cats anymore. (We had been feeding the cats that stays in between the route from my house to Jhon's house)

Generally, the most ideal decision was having Jhon's room mate move out of the room so I can move in and continue renting the room. It was most ideal because Jhon's landlord is actually my uncle whom my family and I lovingly call Abg Jamil. (long story). He used to live with us for if not more, half of my life, he is my personal hairstylist and definitely one of my favorite person. How is it not way better than renting a room or house from a complete stranger?

Even if we consider renting somewhere else, we are not going to rent a room with an owner we barely know and renting a house itself costs an arm, a leg and then some.

But there is Jhon's roommate, Rommel. We are not going to kick him out. At the most, we have to help him get another room first. Plus, Jhon and Rommel has been friends for the longest time and been staying with each other since day 1. I was just worried he might get the wrong impression.

AND THEN! Something wonderful happened!

Out of the blue, Rommel said, his wife will be tentatively come over to Singapore to work by earliest, mid 2015 so he will be moving out and find a place to stay with his wife.

Which means fate has made everything smooth and easy like delicious cream for us. Rommel will move out at his own will, I will move in and Jhon and I can settle down there. At least until Jhon gets a PR so we can finally get a house we can truly call home.

I, therefore declared, hurdle crossed.

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