Certificate of No Marriage

If you are marrying someone from a different Nationality, Singapore ROMM requests a letter from the country of origin to confirm the marital status if single (not more than 3 months from date of issuance). Nobody wants to get married only to know their spouse has already wed in their country right?? The horror!

Since Jhon is a Filipino, I am going to share the process of getting the Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) in Philippines. If you want for other Nationalities, sorry ye...

There are 2 ways to get the Certificate of No Marriage.

Via Online

Proceed to https://www.ecensus.com.ph/ and click the request button.

"After you complete your online application, you will be issued a Batch Request Number and, for each request, a Request Reference Number. When paying for all requests in the batch, specify the Batch Request Number. When paying for a particular request only, specify the Request Reference Number."

Delivery within the PHILIPPINES: PHP 415.00 per copy
Delivery to OTHER COUNTRIES: USD 25.00 per copy
(Fees are inclusive of processing, delivery & government taxes)

The CENOMAR will be delivered between 3-9 days in Philippines depending the address and 6-8 WEEKS in other countries upon payment. If you require the CENOMAR within 5-8 days, you may email them for a faster delivery. All info is on their website.

Via in-person

 You may head to any Census Serbilis Centers. It's one of the reasons he went back to Philippines and he said he felt more secure requesting the certificate in person as opposed to online and wait for the document to fly into his hands.

Jhon went with his sister, Loi because she recently got married and the procedure was still fresh in her head. haha Jhon said he simply had to fill a form and queue. The procedure was relatively easy although he had to wait in line for about 1-2 hours. After paying an amount of a rough equivalent of SGD10 , he had to return to City Hall after 5 days to collect the CENOMAR.

Info that will be requested:
* Number of copies you are requesting
* Name (maiden name if married female)
* Sex
* Place of birth
* Date of birth
* Mother’s maiden name
* Father’s name
* Purpose of your request

Please take note that no matter what, for every Nationality, your certificate to prove your single status HAS to be in ENGLISH. For Philippines, it's originally written in English but there was a BTB who is marrying a Japanese guy and had the cert. written in Japanese. GTB said he could just translate for the people-in-charge during the Declaration of documents at ROMM. She had asked to clarify if it was okay.

Cannot, okay?

ROMM clearly stated on their website:
"Please note that you must produce the original documents. Documents that are not in English/Malay language must be accompanied with its certified translation in English."

Anyways, after all that process,it's just an official documentation/ declaration of Jhon's single status in Philippines. Such a simple document with such a huge importance.


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