Visiting Matin.

Since I last visited Fizah and Matin, I just can't get enough of him. I wanted to 'play' with him more.

So as soon as our weekends were open, Jhon and I visited.

I got to say, Fizah looked good especially for a first time mom who has just gave birth weeks ago. She lost a good amount of weight and despite feeling exhausted and still in pain, she still looked good.

She said her postpartum masseuse was great. She tends to sleep and snore almost every time. I have to take note, you know... for future references. haha

Anyways, it was nice to sit down and catch up with her because we had the house to ourselves. Meanwhile, Jhon took some photos for fun.

It's also the first time I see Jhon fully interacting with a baby. Usually, there are other people around so he tends to be reserved but since it was just the 3 of us in the house. He went all out.

There was one time, while Fizah and I were in the kitchen as she was whipping something quick for dinner (thanks Fizah! I told you no need), we heard all kinds of sounds in the living room. Not only sounds but also different types of voices; high and low. We were giggling, saying it sounds like there was a group of people in her living room.

If only we live nearby, I would probably visit more often. haha sibuk je.


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