Mak's 63rd Birthday

My Mak is 63 already!! I am still amazed on how healthy and fit she for a woman her age. Don't get me wrong, she still get's tired but I guess in comparison to other 50's they are amazed she can handle 3 grandchildren, ages 7-5-4 AND take care of the house. Of course, ever since I stopped working, I lighten her burden lah but she only used that free time to do more chores. Typical mom.

Anyways, Jhon and I celebrated her birthday 1 day in advance since her birthday fell on a Monday. With Jhon working and we would be busy with the kids, we wouldn't have time to prepare a simple celebration. We just bought 2 food/ dessert that she had been craving lately. Qiji popiah and Magnum ice cream. lol

As luck have it, on Monday, Sis and Abg Awil was not working because Irfan had an eye check up, Jhon had his indigestion (ok, not so lucky here) and Shibly & Syihab went home early because Shibly had a tuition, we managed to squeeze a last minute dinner at Swensons.

Obligatory group photos.

Irfan sayang ke choke hold?

Since it was Mak's actual birthday we received a complimentary Happy birthday ice-cream. Horray!

Happy Mak is Happy.

Cucu suap. Jhon macam jealous je.

After dinner, we followed Kakak browse for a bag and before we knew it, the mall was closing so we headed home. hehe

It was nice going out with my Sis because if you are a loyal reader since day one, yang outing2 it's always spent with my Abg. It's also nice to spend time with Irfan outside of home. He is absolutely obsessed with buses, specifically double decked buses.


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