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This is another vendor that I've been eyeing on for the longest time because of their subtle cinematic editing skills. Some videographers tend to over do it which makes it a little pretentious because, after all life is not very cinematic, right? Unless you all like to drama-mama lah. hehe  At least, that is my point of view. The videographer we booked, capture not only the event but also the pivotal moments of it and stitched it in a most natural, storytelling way.

It is Videosmith!
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If given a choice, I wouldn't have videography in my wedding but I'm marrying a Filipino and majority of his family will not be here, It's important that we have video along side photos for them to see our wedding. Especially it's culturally so different from them, I think it would be interesting for them to witness a Singaporean Malay wedding.

On the appointment day, Jhon and I met Umi and Fadzil for an introductory of the company; background story and their mottos. After which, they let us watch a recent wedding video that they were working on. It was (in my guess) 85%-95% done except a few more editing needed and color corrections.

I tell you.
I knew I've liked Videosmith videos by watching their director's cut or excerpt videos but just watching a full semi-edited video, like became love. It was amazing. The quality of the video was remarkable and as mentioned, the way they stitched everything together was so natural and there was no boring moments even though I don't know the couple. Somehow, I felt that I got a sneak peek of their personal lives and not just another wedding video.

After watching the video, Umi went through all the packages they have just to be thorough and mind you, she is VERY thorough; in a good way.

Initially, Jhon and I wanted the Wedding Essentials ($1,600) because, well, budget. We don't want to pay too much over $3,000 for mediagraphy (photo&video) and we thought, good enough lah, 7-10mins video. Until when Umi replied my email and in her postscript said that last year's $200 voucher off was extended to 10 Jan 2015 and she even extended a little more because our appointment was on 13 Jan 2015.

So apa lagi? Auntie and Uncle goes for Short & Sweet package lah! So instead of $2,000, we got it for $1,800 and our video will be 25 mins long with plus-plus. Horray!!! I mean, Alhamdulillah!

I show the prices because Videosmith is transparent on their prices.
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For more details such as their other packages and works, check out their website or submit an enquiry form. Umi is very quick to respond which I love. 

I am very happy and very excited! 

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