Our Wedding Date

My fellow readers, Jhon and I are proud to announce that we had chosen our wedding date (InsyaAllah) and had officially shared it with our immediate families.

I would say my brother's reaction was the most relaxed with "hmmm ok. In Singapore?" only and father's the most serious with suddenly an impromptu serious meeting with all kinds of questions when I told him, we just want to announce first before booking out of respect. He went all about "dah prepare ke belum?? Sunat macam macam mana?" Among other questions.

Setting that aside, our big day date is:

Lol I have a concept for a photo shoot where I would miniaturize ourselves. This was a test from old photos and I thought I also use it as an announcement date picture. It's only shown strictly on this blog. I paiseh to share on other social media. =p

So if you guys have not get the idea lately, this entire year and a little of next year, it will be temporary a wedding blog as I document goings and comings of the preparations. My blog is a lifestyle blog after all so it changes as my life changes. So for those who find this not cup of tea, sorry-not sorry. Hey, perhaps you can pick up something here and there.

Obviously, I would still blog about other non-wedding stuff as they come by. This is just a 'warning' for wedding stuff vomit. hehe


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