Wedding Cake Booked!

I've always wanted a pulut wedding cake because I want to try infuse traditional aspects of a Malay wedding as much as possible. But while researching, I realized that pulut wedding cakes are tend to be expensive too. Not only that, some of their design is too modernized. So I kinda drop the idea and go ahead with a normal wedding cake until my mom expressed that she would love me to have a pulut wedding cake like my elder sis. I typed pulut in the Facebook search bar and I found.

Pulut Affairs!

I love the designs. It's traditional with a touch of modern. There were good reviews of the taste too. I was grinning ear to ear when I read that Pulut Affairs will be at the Mega Wedding Expo because I could just personally enquire and if the price is right, I was ready to deposit.

Kak Lynn, the owner, was busy with a customer when we came by so when Jhon and I were checking out their booth, her husband approached us and he tried very best to answer our questions. hehe I would say that I sensed good people vibes from her family and I love it. Eventually, Kak Lynn explained to us the packages and showed us her work.

I was so happy her price was below my budget and I love it even more that her wedding cake design looks so wonderful and grand. Especially with 20 extra free pulut domes, my wedding cake table will look penuh.

There's a full picture but I show sneak peak aje lah. Although actually you can see the full picture at their facebook. lol

I also love that instead of 3 stacked tiers, it's deconstructed or separated. When I showed to my mom, she was very excited because she said it looked unique. Not only that, even though Jhon and I are tall, I dislike when cakes are so bertingkat-tingkat until during cake cutting time, it's difficult to get a nice angle of the bride and groom.

Anyways, Pulut Affairs also provides pulut cakes for birthdays, engagements, hantaran or whatever lah.

Jhon happy, I happy, Mak happy! Yey!

Click to enlarge.

Our wedding is done. 


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