DIY Duit Sampul

Duit Sampul which means money envelope during Hari Raya is always a must. Honestly, speaking, I don't really give much thought on it's design because 1) I just don't for no reason 2) Mom always has plentiful. So mostly, I used whatever she has bought.

But if you ask me, I prefer the simpler or classy types of designs and nowadays, it can be hard to find and not to mention, mahal. So I figured, I would make them instead.

I always have plenty of wrapping paper with me (because I have an obsession of wrapping gifts although I am sub-par) so I just grabbed the left overs, looked up in YouTube for a decent and simple origami envelope instructions and voila!

By the way, the wrappers I usually get sells 3 sheets for $1 and some designs are pretty decent. With half a sheet, I managed to get 9 envelopes. It took me a while to get the right size for my own liking but other than that, it was easy-peasy man! You don't even need glue. I had always preferred to have small money envelopes because I like to give money discreetly. It fits snugly in my palm for that perfect salam and pass money maneuver like discreet tipping.

You can use square sized paper or rectangle. It depends the shape you want. I did mine slightly rectangular and when folded, its about 10cm x 4cm. Fold the money in 4 and slot it in.

Here's the video I referred from.


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