Running with Books.

It's difficult having to have a proper time slot to run for the past month. It's annoying but I really can't complain because it's either because of the weather or I had to spend the entire noon helping Shibly with homework.

And when I do get to run, it's always difficult to get back on track since the routine was not consistent. I had to figure out a way to push myself further and harder as music is not really working on me. I tend to mentally time myself via music such as soon as I finished OneRepublic - Counting Stars, I've ran about 4+mins, Blink 182 - What's my age again is abt 2+mins, if I ran for 5 songs, it's about 15mins or so.

Any runner will tell you not to care about the time and distance when running but I just can't help it.

That is when I thought of listening to an audio book. Listening to audio books is nothing new to me. I've listened to plenty over the years, on and off borrowing from the National Library. By listening and getting engrossed with the story, I figured I will not focus so much on running but running itself.

The thing is, audio books usually goes for hours and I don't really want to pause each time because what if I want to switch to music on normal days? I will lose my track unless I use another device. But thank God for short stories specifically horror stories. 

So my first test run was Stephen King's One for the road from Night Shift. I rarely read his short stories so I get to listen/read something new. 

I had to pick up Syihab from school after my run/walk so I had about 30 mins to exercise but I managed to clock in 2.92 km within 26 mins. I know it's not much but it was to me because usually my body wants to give up just before reaching 2 km. 

Second time was today, 9 days later. I listened to Stephen King's Popsy from Nightmares & Dreamscapes. I ran a little slower because I was tired in the first place but managed to jog/walk for 34 mins with 2.8 km. Me lasting for half an hour is a feat okay??! 

All that matters was that I was distracted and managed to push myself further. I was mostly in tuned to the narrator and not so focused on how long it has been, breathless, tire and how pathetically unfit I was.

Hopefully, if this keeps up, maybe I can commit myself to a longer audio book.
But for the mean time,


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