Taking A Break...

... from wedding stuff and posts.

Sometimes when dealing on such big pivotal points of your life, you just need to take a breather and take a chill pill.

Over the Chinese New Year holidays, we took the opportunity of doing something we hardly ever do anymore. Take long walks. When we worked under the same building, at least once a week, we would walk from Changi Business Park all the way home to Kaki Bukit. It was a stress reliever, one on one quality time and also exercise on the side.

So it was nice after so long, we took the time to walk in the morning from my place to Bedok Reservoir.

We walked/ jogged 1 whole round the reservoir and although the sun was shining, it was not really that hot.

After a hearty breakfast, we headed home and saw one of the stray cats we fed. This is catdog because it's a cat but size of a medium sized dog. Sometimes I use her as a feet cushion because she is THAT big and my feet size is ugly stepsister size eh. hehe

Anyways, it felt so good just to walk and talk. 
I felt so refreshed and my mind reset.


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