Wedding Hurdle 1 : Location

I have not been posting wedding topics for quite sometime but that does not mean it has not been on our minds and had stop researching. This is one of the perks of having plenty of time; can relax a bit.
But the main reason we are slowing down is that we had encountered obstacles, what we like to call, a hurdle. Something we had to overcome to reach the finish line which is pretty common when having big plans so here I am sharing ours.

[pretend my head and body match okay? it's photo shop from a darker skinned couple lol]

As we progress, I will edit the animation too and share the updates. I figured it would make the post more animated (no pun intended)

First hurdle:

We are still undecided on wedding location. Cakap senang to throw in locations but trying to balance the pros and cons can be challenging due to many factors. I feel that I can't really focus on other vendors until this is confirmed.

At this point of time, a Gurame wedding is a little far fetched especially for a small wedding. Those ladies who had requested for me to share the quotations know what I am talking about.

The standard wedding under the block also has its shortcomings.

Bridal room issue: 
I share my room with my mom and its a freaking mess in terms of there was never a proper place to keep our stuff even if we tried. Furniture is old and it will need a major overhaul. I don't mind getting new ones but I will be staying in a new home and it makes no sense to pay for 2 sets of bedroom furniture.

Budget issue: 
As mentioned before, I have no problem with under the block wedding but we want it to be a small wedding. With mata keranjang from the both of us, I worry, it will end up a big one with big pelamin, lots of deco and food just because it suits. Self constraint is difficult here.

Family issue: 
Frankly speaking, this is the most private and heart breaking issue of all. You might think having divorced parents may complicate situations but trying having married parents who can't stand sharing the same air. The situations I had to deal every other day is so stressing (worst on special occasions) but it is what it is. If they can't stand being in the same room, what about an entire day in each other's presence and especially having to take photo with us at the pelamin? I know what you would say, mesti kerana anak they will set aside their differences but the hole they had dug is way too deep. Anyways, I rather have a short form version of a wedding to avoid as much drama as possible.


Another possible location we are are considering is a nikah at a mosque and then a small walimah (shortlisting Charisma D'Venue). This also has it's shortcomings but I suppose less compared to the above.

Bridal issue:
A proper place to berdan-dan is an issue but at least it's limited to the eyes of the make up artist and maybe the photographer if I manage to organize the room well enough. At least there are no visitors wanting to see the bilik pengantin because everyone is supposed to be at the mosque. Perhaps I can use Jhon's place which is actually my uncle's house that happens to be only a few blocks away but leceh sikit.

Piety issue:
This is more of a self issue/ reflection more than others. I feel it would be hypocritical to solemnize at a mosque but we still have not get our prayers in check, especially Jhon who is still learning it. Good news is that it's a problem that is fixable in due time.

Transport issue:
Although 99% of my guests have their own transport, most of Jhon's guests do not. Especially if they wish to witness a Muslim solemnization for the first time, we need some sort of transport to bring them from the mosque to the walimah venue. Basically, it's extra cost lah. But then again, renting a small mini bus should not be an issue, I guess?

Walimah issue:
At this point, Charisma D'Venue is the most appealing place for a walimah for us compared to Lagun Sari, Desa Kartika etc. We had not officially survey the food/place and will do so after Ramadhan. Unfortunately, the last time this place was brought up for conversation sake months ago with Mom, she cried because she was sad that I am not having the "big" wedding like my 2 older siblings. 

But at least I can have a shorter wedding ceremony and hopefully less kecoh. 
Shake hand, hooray-hooray and dah. 
I figured to avoid regret having a "over the top" ceremony, I will have a "over the top" photo shoot with sanggul setinggi gunung etc. lol 

Ideally, this hurdle should be overcome next month or so IF surveying passes. If not, don't know where else to have our walimah that we like.

We overcame the hurdle! Click here to read more.


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