Views from the Singapore Flyer

This is the second time Jhon and I have taken the Singapore Flyer. The first we went was at night and this time, it was in the morning.

It's really nice to see Singapore's skyline in 2 different scenes.

Before we rode Singapore Flyer, we went through 'Journey of Dreams'. An exhibition/showcase for a deeper appreciation of the Singapore Flyer.

After all the exploration and shadow play, we eventually took the flyer. The morning was hazy so most of of the landscape looks hazy. Luckily, we started to take photos is RAW format and with photo editing, we managed to salvage most of the photos.

I am really happy with how the photos turned out. All credits to Jhon!

After the ride, we headed downstairs to Rainforest Discovery. It is just a small area with waterfalls, ponds and lush greenery.

We took a peek of the Singapore Food Trail. It's a 1960's food street theme eating place. The place looks interesting but didn't have our lunch there because I don't see any Halal stalls. But Jhon did buy a coke from a glass bottle. =)

We ate at Popeyes for our late lunch and went to part two of our day which was the Singapore River Cruise. Yes, we were very touristy on that day. Perks on having a foreign boyfriend. I doubt any local would been this keen to go through this with me. 

I would never find Singapore boring!



  1. oh! I didn't know there's a Rainforest Discovery in there too! will definitely visit that next time I'm in Singapore..

    1. It's a small area right in the middle of the flyer. =)

  2. trekking your blog!!! wow! how i wish i can go back in Singapore for my 3rd time. been there in Year 2004 and 2007.. No Universal studios and Sky Park yet at that time.. :-(


  3. Well, it's about time to come to Singapore then! hehe