Turning 28 years old

I really have nothing much to tell you.

Life of a 27 year old is somewhat boring. Okay, not BORING, what I mean nothing worthy or super incredible news to share.

It’s not that I got married, lost an arm, got filthy rich or anything, just me with normal incomings and outgoings.

I am not the one who set future goals but to take and handle with what life can offer but I suppose the new thing I am trying to do is be positive and confident.

Before I turn all philosophical, here is a picture of me in 29-30 years time.

[AgingBooth App]

Why I look so freaking old?? I know I am supposedly 58 years old but I look like I am turning 70 and I am so old that even my bangs has wrinkles lol

Note to self, take care of skin and save money for future botox. Lol

I did the same for Jhon and look at him!! Why he still looks handsome? Like Richard Gere or Sean Connery kind of handsome, still dateable while I look like an old woman living in a swamp.

I know men tend to age gracefully compare to women but this is sad.

Anyways, I hope turning 28 will bring extra pizzazz in my life and I promise I will also make the effort to make it that way. =)



  1. Too much cosmetic app during one's youth will lead to deterioration in the latter days. That's why guys age more gracefully. (Actually more 'naturally'). ;)


    1. I agree that it is one of the main reasons why men seemed to age gracefully compared to women. Luckily, I don't wear much makeup in the first place. I barely know how to use eyeshadow. =P So I hope that helps. haha

  2. Wow, the aging booth app looks cool! Anyways Happy Birthday! :)

    1. Thank you, Huilian. You can download aging booth and give it a try yourself. =)