Baby Tiger on the Prowl

Jhon and I took our new lens out to play and had one of my nephews, Irfan Anaqi out for picture taking.

Along with my mom and sis, we took this boy to 3 playgrounds and had 3 outfit changes!

Among the 3, I love this one the most, when he is wear a tiger jumper.
Who can resist babies or toddlers in animal jumpsuits?

Introducing you, baby tiger on the prowl..

Hang in there tiger!

Look at that pouty lips..

'Whatcha' doing, baby tiger?

Tigers don't eat grass, silly..

Check out that strut.

Thanks sis for letting us borrow your son and thank you Irfan for not being a cranky boy. =D



  1. so cute the little baby tiger..... [^_^]

  2. If only all tigers are this cute, we'd ave nothing to fear! =)

    1. Awww.. What a sweet thing to say. Thank you!

  3. Too cute! I like the "strut" photo. Like gangster ahhhhhhh!
    Anyway, just curious. Are you chinese or malay? Cause you seem to look like chinese to me. Hahahaha.

    1. Yes, little ganster.. He is quite a ruggard baby.
      Hahah I get that a lot. I am malay and I look like chinese because my grandma on my paternal side is Chinese. =)