Advance,Actual & Post Birthday

This post is slightly overdue because my weekdays has been rather busy. Some of you might have known that I have recently surpassed my 28th birthday on the 12th of April and these are the celebrations.

On the 11th, I was feeling in a good mood and craved for a medium-well done steak so Jhon and I headed to Eatzi at Bedok Point.

I offered to pay for dinner and I shamelessly declared it was my advance birthday celebration.

Food was yummy although I could not finish the baked potato because the sour cream was...well.. too sour.

Of course, no birthday celebration is complete without a cake! We ordered a slice of cheesecake and shared. The texture was soft and it was moderately sweet. Just the way I like it.

On my birthday, I went home early from work, half expecting some special dinner for me but my mom forgot my birthday. I didn't blame her though, she spent her days chasing 3 grand kids around the house and don't have a Facebook account to remind her of my birthday.  =P

So I went to plan B, head down to the coffee shop for dinner. I know this sounds very sad and I admitted, it kinda was but it was okay. I knew my gut instinct on celebrating my advance birthday was a good idea. haha

The evening turned out well after all because Fizah, came all the way from Yishun to Eunos to personally give me a present and even bought a cake!

Coffee shop lights, Y U NO MAKE US LOOK PRETTY?

She bought the cake at the last minute after she found out there was no celebration at home. We brought the cake home and I was happy again. Oh by the way, while at the coffee shop, my mom called and apologized for forgetting my birthday when my sis-in-law mentioned it to her.

See the additional items on the table? It was actually gifts given by brother-in-law who came back from Bandung. I thought it would make the picture more cheery and less pathetic. haha lame.. I know..

I guess my sis-in-law tried to make it up for the day by saying there will be a celebration the next day. Unfortunately, she had to work late at the last minute and at 9pm, she came over with my brother with Macaroons.

I have always wanted to try them and now I can! It's in pretty purple and pink and yummeh! Too sweet for my liking though. But I really appreciate the effort.

Generally, I had good birthday celebrations despite it's pathetic under linings.

My special thanks to Fizah for coming all the way to the East, cake, present and Kak Yana (and Abang) for the Macaroons and Jhon for playing along for my advance birthday.

Without you guys, my birthday would be dull and I would have nothing to blog. =P

THANK YOU with all my heart!!!



  1. Although ur mom forgot ur birthday, but you have a lovely sister-in-law to remind her ur birthday. That's so awesome. =D
    I know I might be late but its better late than nothing right. Happy belated birthday to you. May your special day filled with tons of great and special things.

    In btwn, thanks for drop by my blog - Travel & Living Journal of DT. Keep visiting my blog.

    1. I agree. Although I completely understand why she forgot my birthday, it was sure nice to hear her birthday wishes to me and all because of my SIL =)
      And thank you Diane. ;)

    2. Got here through Innit!.. and yumm! that cake looks yummy! Belated Happy Birthday!

    3. Thanks Banannie. The cake IS yummy. hehe