Saudi Arabia From The Eyes of a Filipino

Okay, the title sounds too dramatic than it ought to be. I just want to share some facts I found out via Jhon’s friend who had worked in Saudi Arabia. He was in Singapore for a while and they met up. I didn’t follow because I thought they deserve their own bonding time among old friends.

But the next day, Jhon told me some interesting stories his friend shared.

He said he ever saw 2 ladies in a Burka were walking down the street DRUNK and out of sudden, flashed the public. Yes, they were naked underneath!!

Syrians drink their coffee by adding one TEASPOON of water with coffee power and grounded tea leaves.

One day, while walking by the roadside, a man drove, stopped next to him and masturbated in front of him. Jhon’s friend looked around for a big rock and before he could smash it at the pervert, he drove off.

His boss smokes CIGARS in the air conditioned office. He would even talk with a cigar in his mouth.

It’s hard to see any females if you stay in the public compound.
He was lucky he stayed in a Filipino compound.

Guys there are usually gay.
Shops/restaurants there are usually closed 4 times a day due to prayers.

Cars there are have very little value to a point that if their car is broken down, they would leave it behind and never claim it back because they can easily get a new car.

I know Saudi Arabia is a beautiful place with beautiful drunk ladies but some of these stories are crazy. Don’t judge a country by what they are culturaly known for eh?



  1. Haha! Saudi Arabia :\ Yea, I've heard horror stories. Did you know you can't enter the country unless you have a sponsor and all expats living there must give their passport to their sponsor. There's been cases where they prevent you from living the country.

    Not sure if its true now tho.

  2. wow. Didn't know about that. Quite scary even though it's a beautiful country