Barely 1 Year Old And He's Tweeting!

Yesterday, like any other day, I checked my twitter account and noticed something random from my sis in law tweets.

At first I thought it was Shibly, my 3 year old nephew because it was unlike my sis in law to tweet something like that. Even so, I didn't think that Shibly has that capacity to do such an act.

A few hours later, my sis in law tweeted saying that it was SYIHAB, her 2nd son who is barely 1 year old!

Never mind that he probably just randomly typed in some letters, did you noticed the pattern??
What was even funnier, he also tweeted to a fellow follower! hahahah!

Who would have thought, a toddler tweeting like that?

Perhaps Syihab should open his own twitter account. hahaha



  1. lol.. @creamofcrete must be annoyed with the spam tweets :P

  2. @Ken hahaha I think so too but my sis in law already apologized.. hehehe