Toys Galore @ Mint Musuem (Part 1)

Jhon and I have many things in common and that includes the love and fascination for toys and anything vintage.

Mint Musuem satisfies that love. =D You have no idea how crazy we went snapping pictures away (thats why this post comes in 2 parts). Our eyes could not pop out any further and our jaws could not drop any lower. We were in vintage toys heaven.

Now let the photo bombing begin.

I realized that he is much more girly looking when he first came out

Moving along to Flintstones, Tin Tin, Popeye etc

Action heros! I just love that this visit really relives our childhood memories.

The only black toys collection. Check out the photos at the bottom left and right corner! It's so racist! hahaha

Gotta love those teddies!

That's the end of part 1 and that is just two storeys of goodness!



  1. I can imagine if kids go there, they will freak out.

  2. @Nava True some toys are a little freaky but the rest are really interesting. In fact, there were kids when we went there. They had a fantastic time!

  3. where is this toy museum...?is it in SG?...will be in SG next trip actually...amazed with the green hornet stuffs...

  4. @PJ Yes, it's in Singapore. You should visit if you have the time. =)

    Here's the main website,

    The website is a little wonky with flash but most of the info is there. =)