Best Proposal/Wedding Ever

Stand aside supposedly most romantic movie theatre proposal (which I think it’s not THAT wonderful in the first place)

Move along the Royal Wedding with your wacky hats.

This is what I deem one of the best proposal/wedding ever!!

Flash mob proposal/wedding

Firstly, I want to say the lady is very sweet. If a woman came out of nowhere, kiss, hug and then splashed water on my boyfriend, I would EXPLODE!! I would be like “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT!?!” and ramble all kind of obscenities while crying.

And all the lady did was cry because her sadness overwhelms her anger and kept saying she loves her boyfriend. Awww…

When the excitement began, I got excited and teary eyed and when her boyfriend appears amongst the dancing people, it was the pivotal moment! In addition to that, they got married on the spot! Talk about spontaneous.

Well, unfortunately but unsurprisingly, there were still bad remarks about that video.

One being the lady is fat or chubby and that the wedding shouldn’t have done that way because everything is happening too fast for her and she may not able to appreciate every moment. Plus, she MAY have been imagining the perfect wedding since she was a girl and now she is deprived of that.

To these people, FUCK YOU!

You are just jealous that man would give all his love and devotion to this beautiful lady when no man would even acknowledge you! She is unable to appreciate every moment? The whole thing was on camera. She can replay and appreciate every moment any time she wants. By the way, they have dated for 3 years, I bet the guy has already known what the lady wants and sure it’s not the fairy tale wedding.



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