Animals United (3D) Review

I was one of the selected few to get to watch the premier of Animals United (3D) and I got to admit, I was unaware of the movie because it was overpowered by other famous must watch movies. Nonetheless, I was excited because the 3D movies are best when it is animated.

And boy was I right. I think Animals United has the best 3D presentation. Everything pops out instead of the standard foreground, background views.


“In the Okavango Delta, Billy, the little mischievous meerkat, and his best (and only) pal Socrates, the friendly lion, wait for the annual flood, essential to the Delta and all the animals living there.

Wanting to prove his adoring son Junior that he’s not the screwball loser everyone, sometimes justifiably so, thinks he is. Billy sets out to find water, accompanied by Socrates. On their journey, they meet a truly wile and funny bunch of animals from all over the world, which have flocked to Africa in search of a new home.”

The plot is not bad because it is an eco-movie after all with the animals’ point of view of what we horrible humans has done that has affected terribly.

Other than that, I find it average because it seems the characters are a little theatrical with non-fluent flow of scenes. Especially in the beginning where there just throw random scenes, expect you to combine them and it make it logical yourselves.

Sure, there were a few funny and interesting parts of the movie. In fact, although disgusted by the 2 tortoises’ mushy devotion to each other, I was sad for their unfortunate end. Just don’t enter with high expectations. This is no Kung Fu Panda.

Showing on 9 June 2011 in theatres all over Singapore.


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