"Leaving on a Jetplane"

Well, the right words would be "Left on Jetstar"

My love, Jhon has left to his hometown in Philippines and nope, for the 1259th time, I did not follow him because he and his family agreed that I shouldn't come until his construction of 3 storey bungalow house is completed.

Jhon will be back only on 12 February 2011 which is 2 weeks from now!!! =(

I got to admit although there were lonely moments like when we would usually go to work and lunch together and that he will always come over to my table to disturb me or suprise me with a hot cup of milo. *loved*

But after several times going through this, it is not that bad. I just miss his companionship the most because I have no one to gossip with. hehe

Until then, online chatting will do. *grins*



  1. like what people always say - absence makes the heart fonder.. :)

  2. thanks ken. Could not say it better myself :)