Souvenirs From Bali

Bali was great and will blog on the days spent but first, I want to share goodies that we have got.

These were gotten on the 2nd day; a compilation of goodies by the three of us.

The ladies in my family love the fans mainly because of the batik design.

As per normal, most items that I bought is for the family and I am proud to say that I bought more than I did when I went to Bangkok (Bought 1 sling bag in a shopper's paradise)

The weird thing is I bought the most random things.

I bought peanuts and coffee.

Not just any peanuts but Capri peanuts which was super delicious and Ginseng Coffee. It was weird because I don't like Gingseng and coffee but these two together, fuwar! I love!

The Ginseng smell is not overwhelming and you don't smell it after a few sips and the coffee does not taste bitter at all.

Another set of souvenirs that I got from Bali are these.

On both of my legs!! I don't know what bit me, sand fly or whatever devil bug but all I know it was itchily-painful!! I was so gross that everyone freaked out in horror okay? =(

Luckily Jhon helped me by massaging the spots with ointment so now it's not that gross. It's mild brown with tolerable random itching.

Sighs, Bali oh Bali, you are too generous with your "souvenirs"



  1. cool trip :) and erm, hope you recover soon :\

  2. Thanks Nick. I am recovering well now. =)