1st Trimester, Month 0-1 (I knew I was pregnant before I was pregnant)

1 Dec 2016 – 31 Dec 2016

Yes, you read it right. I knew I was pregnant before I was pregnant. You see, the 1st month of pregnancy is a funny thing. It is because, doctors count estimated due date from the first day of last period. With that said, the 1st and 2nd week is my period week. Most couples do not know when their Little One was conceived but I did because I had a period tracker app that I religiously update.
Technically, it's the end of the 3rd week when the embryo implants in our uterine lining but this is just an estimation. According to my app, Little One was conceived on the 3rd week which was 6th Dec 2016.

Are you following me? I hope I don't sound confusing. Haha

Anyways, after 1 week of conception, I starting to have this 'feeling' that I was pregnant. I don't know how to explain it but I did and I just waived the thought in my head thinking I was silly. Days passed and that 'feeling' was there and my supposedly next period was coming.
2 days before expected period, I couldn't wait and took a pregnancy test for fun.

It was negative. My heart went "huh" while my brain said "I told you so".

On 22nd Dec 2016, my period came and it was just blood spotting. Thinking the official 'waterfall' will come the next day, I didn't think much of it. The next day, it was in fact, the same and that was it.
At that point, I was confused lah. I was stressed during that time period but I've never encountered such experience. Despite of having no blood, I did had cramps. I remembered Fizah mentioned about cramps and pregnancy so I checked with Mr. Google.

The results were there in writing.


22nd and 23rd Dec 2016 was the day/days of implantation of my embryo which explains the early negative, the blood spotting and cramps. I waited about 2 more weeks before taking another pregnancy test. At that point, I had very mild nausea but brain was still in denial. haha

Side note: Jhon didn't know I bought the first pregnancy kit because I thought I could surprise him with the news but that didn't turned out. We bought the 2nd pregnancy kit together but he didn't know when I would take it.


Sorry to leave you with what seemed to be an incomplete month 0-1 story but I am trying to squeeze and divide according to months. Obviously, when I took the 2nd pregnancy test, I was past 1 month pregnant (according to first day of last period).
We obviously know what's the results lah but want share how/when we reacted and what happened next.

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