New Chapter in Life...

Guess what? I am pregnant. 😊

Bun in the oven, knocked up, stung by a serpent, expecting, preggers, with child, eating for two, hooked whatever you call it, Jhon and I are having a Little One! If you have been reading my blog, you should know we have been 'trying' since October. You may read about it here.

At this point of writing, I am already at my 2nd trimester or 4+ months along. The reason for delaying the news was for obvious reasons. Mainly because the 1st trimester is the most sensitive and fragile part of the pregnancy and further delay, well, I just like to lay low. Now that the Little One and I have mostly settled and get acquainted, get ready for my series of pregnancy posts.

We would never thought after 10 years of getting knowing each other, we will be married and let alone have a kid but that's how it always works right?

I know sharing about one's pregnancy can be taboo to some group of people. Especially when the world is getting more sensitive with everything lately. But this IS my online journal where I allow other people take a sneak peak into my life and perhaps learn and/or share experiences.

The only precautionary control I am practicing on sharing is delayed posts on my pregnancy and I am not making any pregnancy announcements anywhere but HERE. At this point, only immediate families and closest friends knows and I will let others know organically. As in, when we meet up for family functions and they notice my growing belly.

So if you happen to be in my circle of friends or my cousins (yes, I know you read), PLEASE keep this to yourself. Haha Can or not? I'm just trying to be chill about it, okay?

I will try to be detailed as much as possible as per normal and I can't wait to share it all to my future self and anyone who is willing to read it.



  1. Alhamdulillah congratulations and may Allah Azza Wajjal make ur pregnancy smooth and easy and may u be blessed with a child who will be the coolness of ur eyes. I dont feel so bad now for jumping the gun on a post of urs a couple months ago hehee...

    1. Amin and thank you so much for your well wishes.
      Which post were you referring to because I thought I was pretty low profile? Apparently not. hahaha