33rd Birthday Galore

Another year older for me!

Age has never affected me but definitely has been feeling more and more contented with where I am for the past couple of years. I've always been a late bloomer but I had never complained or be bitter about it because I know, when the time comes, it will be perfection.

When I turned 32, I was getting married.

Now, that I've turned 33, I am going to celebrate my 1st year wedding anniversary soon with a baby in my belly in tow! (Yes, just in case you missed it, I am pregnant! Check #BabyTalk) I mean, what can get better than this?

Well, 3 days straight of birthday outings!

I don't expect any birthday celebrations from my family because we are weird sometimes. Plus, I was so passed that but at the last minute, on my birthday itself, Abg asked us out for dinner at Seoul Garden. Remember that Mak and I had a failed craving attempted while we were at Marina Bay? Well, now, both of us were fully satisfied. We had our dinner at Downtown East, Pasir Ris and it was a nice and cozy setting despite that it was weird that we had to order the food stuff via the computer instead of buffet styled.

Jhon and I celebrated our private birthday on the 13th April because it was the day we had an ultrasound at KKH. After knowing the gender of the baby and all, we were in a good mood. He bought for me a small chocolate mouse cake from Polar Cake (30% reduced sugar at 20% discounted price), grabbed my bouquet of flowers sponsored by A Better florist (a review coming up) and we headed to Changi Village for my favorite view, the beach. We wanted to do a picnic concept but it rained rather heavily so we ended up having dinner at Tang Tea House and ate the cake at home.

The cake was yummy by the way. I am not a big fan of chocolate but if it's chocolate mousse, I am all for it. Plus, the fact that it's reduced sugar, it was guilt free for the both of us.

On the 14th, Mak asked us out for baby stuff shopping. She adamantly insisted and even bought for me several maternity tops for me after treating us lunch. It was weird because the last time she spent on me was when I was a teenager but I am grateful nonetheless.

With the 3 days straight in a row of walking and eating, on the fourth day, I went kaput! No joke, bad belly & back aches so note to self, don't push it.

Other than that, I am superbly grateful for my birthday this year in more ways than one.


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