DIY Pillows

Hi!! It's been a little quiet here because maklum lah, Ramadhan. Busy with kueh, helping around the house, handle my nephews and many more. But here's a quick story-mory.

Recently, Mak decided to reupholster our pillows. I've never own a bought pillow in my entire life thanks to my mom. To own a pillow with the right amount of stuffing for your head is just amazing. You never have to look for the right volume, type of stuffing and also price. Also, sometimes the bought pillows hardly last because they eventually get flatten and deem uncomfortable.

Mak would buy cloth for the pillow at Geylang and cotton stuffing at a provision shop.

Cotton is good for warm climates. It absorbs moisture well and it's naturally allergy sensitive. Besides using newly bought cotton stuffing, she reuses the stuffing in our old pillows too. It just needs to be fluffed up and stuffed back in.

She tend to sew pillow covers by the dozen with a few variety of shapes, standard and 'bantal busuk' sizes so if ever there was a need of reupholstering, all we need to do is fluff, stuff and sew the pillow close.

Anyways, here's my 2 reborn pillows. She chose such pretty flowery cloth to a point I don't really want to put it in a pillow case but eventually, I had to. hehe
My pillow is all new and super comfy being medium soft but yet supportive on my neck.

What somewhat put me in the 'feels' was when Mak casually mentioned that now I have a new pillow to bring over to my new home after I get married. That feels man, because all my life, I always slept with her or share a room with her. Macam sedih pulak.


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