Iftar With My Bestie

Eh? Dah Hari Raya, baru nak blog pasal Iftar. Yeah, just like every Muslim everywhere I was also busy with the preparations and I also kinda lost track of the timeline to blog. Nonetheless, here it is!

I was chit chatting with Fizah in WhatsApp and we came to a topic that it's been a while since we Iftar together because we would always do it at least once a year. Our friendship is like those rarely meet and seldom talk but our relationship is always solid as a mountain.

So we made effort lah, just a few days before Hari Raya, we double dated at East Point Mall for Pizza because I had been craving for it. lol Orang lain pregnant, orang lain yang craving.

Speaking of which, I completely forget to take a photo of her baby bump. It's so weird but wonderful. Weird because although Fizah's body type is slightly big, she NEVER has a tummy so when I see her boncit, it's weird lah. But of course wonderful because she is growing a baby of her own!

I must make a mental note, when I visit her for Hari Raya, I should take a picture of her baby bump. hehe

It was a great catch up. Sharing stories of recent events of our lives.

After pizza, we moved to McCafe for coffee and continued with our chit chat. It was then I didn't realize how much I miss Fizah's company. We so need to have a one on one quality bestie time together one day.


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